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Judah Freed

Hoku House

Hoku House

Please consider how I might serve you as a book coach and publishing consultant. My experience may interest you. 

I am the author five books since 1982, including independently published works on global thinking, which won the 2007 and 2012  Nautilus Award for best social change book plus a 2005 Evvy Award for best personal growth book. I’m also the author of a 1998 book on distance learning  published by Financial Times, UK).

Before moving to Kauai in 2010, I served as the trade shows chair and a director of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, president and director of the Colorado Authors League, director of the Denver Press Club, and founder of the 1,000-member Denver Book Club. Nationally, I am a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBA), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), National Society of Newspapers Columnists (NSNC), and the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). In 2014, I founded the Kauai Independent Authors and Publishers Association ( to increase professionalism among authors and indie publishers on the island.


Services Offered

Since 1982, I’ve learned about book publishing from the inside out. I’ve learned what works and what does not work. I’ve made costly mistakes that I could spare you from making yourself. If you have a book or a series of books in development, especially if you are looking at independent or self-publishing, please consider accepting help from a seasoned book publishing professional. My clients range from across the United States and overseas.

Recent client book projects include:

KauaiStories1-sm Life and Art of Hu-Po Tang 9780972890571-PardoxParadise-PerfectCover.indd

Author services include:

  • Book Concept Development
  • Book Text Editing or Rewriting
  • Book Interior Design and Layout
  • Book Cover Design and Layout
  • Choosing the Best Publishing Option
  • Identifying Audiences for Your Book
  • Benefits and Risks of Royalty Publishing
  • Benefits and Risks of Indie or Self Publishing
  • Developing a Royalty Publishing Book Proposal
  • Developing an Indie Publishing Business Plan
  • Printing Options, including Print on Demand
  • Kindle and ePub eBook Design and Production
  • Book Marketing and Distribution Strategies
  • Red Flag Warnings about Subsidy Publishers
  • Red Flags Warnings about Book Publicists
  • Leveraging Your Book for Greater Profits
  • Coaching on Writers Block or Other Issues

Like teaching you how to fish rather than catching a fish for you, I love training you how to publish a book yourself (without getting ripped off by predators) or how to find a traditional royalty publisher. My enjoy helping you choose the best path to your vision.

Hoku House is not a subsidy or vanity publisher. As a rule, Hoku House does not publish books by clients. An exception is a friend’s two projects, End Medical Debt and The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector. In the exceptional event that Hoku House acts as your publisher, I may advise you to find an independent editor and book designer willing to work closely with us to meet high professional publishing standards.

To discuss your book project, please send an email using the contact form.



Pam Brown

“When I knew it was time to revamp the interior of my book, Kauai Stories, I turned to Judah, who skillfully brought my vision to reality. His knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop and QuarkXPress assisted me in making choices that allowed me to get the look and feel I wanted for my book. Thank you, Judah!” — Pamela Varma Brown

David Newby at
talks about Judah Freed’s book consulting services.

Susanna Lange at Genius
writes about Judah Freed’s book consulting services.

Otto Siegel
Susanna Lange
Business Coaching for Smart

To Whom it May Concern:

After consulting with various publishing experts, Otto Siegel and I were confident we had a quality book that was well positioned to carry our message to many readers. Although we had expert input all along the way in creating our book (Yes, You Are a Genius – Whether You Know it or Not), we decided to hire Judah as a book consultant to perform:

  • Book EditingJudaf Freed edited and designed: Yes, You are a genius
  • Book Design
  • Cover Design

Judah transformed our book from good to outstanding.

He is an expert editor who was able to further clarify our message while improving the style. Otto and I are from Germany, so English is a second language, which is why we’d already had the book edited by an editing professional. Judah was able to find and correct many grammar and style errors. The book now conveys a more powerful message. Readers tell us they enjoy reading the book so much that they read it again and again.

Judah further designed all aspects of the book interior (including the page layouts and graphics), and he contributed to the cover design. From first impressions of the book, we’ve heard many times the following positive feedback: “I am so impressed with the quality of your book. I read a lot of books, but yours stands out by far.”

Judah provided his expertise beyond the scope of our initial contract. His generous feedback and honesty wasn’t always easy to hear, but he helped us to avoid many first-time author mistakes, and his solid commitment to excellence ultimately caused us to have a much better book.

Susanna Lange talks about Judah Freed All the best,

Susanna Lange
Author of Yes, You Are a Genius

To ask Judah about your book, please use the contact form.



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