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End Medical Debt

END MEDICAL DEBTCuring America’s $1 Trillion Unpa

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Man Bites Dog: The Nature and Nurture of Ethical Journalism

In our age of “fake news” with journalists widely d

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First Windstar ‘Choices’ with John Denver

FOUND this rare video today from the first 1986 Windsta

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Climate Change Deniers: Facts and Fictions

Tags : 

Please see through the misleading guest commentary by T

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My restart at LA Hotel before surgery

Restart: A Site and a Life

AMID  the restart of my life after the second cance

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Syngenta in Switzerland Urged to Drop Suit Against Kauai GMO Pesticide Law

  At the annual shareholders meeting of the Syngen

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Kauai Writers Conference

Small 2015 Kauai Writers Conference a Big Success

The second annual 2015 Kauai Writers Conference exceede

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Email and the Surveillance State

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A friend recently asked me for advice on how to send hi

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Inspiring music videos from the Luminaries

Good music and deep inspiration from the conscious hip-

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Attend Kauai GMO Hearing Today

If you are on Kauai, please turn out today for the publ

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GMO-Free Kauai Rally

  Kauai, 25 May 2013 — Ever since January 2013 w

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Site Revival and Revisions

Welcome back to those of you who visited this site in r

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Occupy Wall Street Political Cartoons

Congratulations to BuzzFeed.com for posting 15 great po

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Timeless truth

Given the rapid growth of the “Occupy Wall Street

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